Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jacques Bertin - Jean Vasca - Friends always be

Original Title: "Amis soyez toujours"
Text: "Jean Vasca"

Friends always be those trembling night lights
This fever in the air like a passing wave
Let the ashes of the words smoke for a long time
Never double-lock life

I'm here heart beating in some summer evenings
Imagining you, re-inventing you

Friends always be those voices on the other shore
that are lengthening in me the party and the fervor
Sometimes you know it, it's still so cold
The journey is so long to the promised lands
I'm here heart beating in all the night trains
Crossing, like you, so many empty stations

Friends always be the shadow of a drunk ship
That old stubborn dream that held us standing
Maybe will we live shreds of future
And then we'll grew old as is customary

I'm here heart beating in all crossroads
Stretching hands to you in the axis of the sun

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