Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jacques Bertin - To the one I won't see anymore

Original Title: "A Celle que je ne verrai plus"

And from very far I wish you
a curtainless house
An angelus of lace
and the dress of your loves

The river like a train
like in its gardens the Seine
And remain as you were

Then the laid down brooms of the sun
where blue roads hurtle down
And on your eyes that heat

I offer you this, no matter
if I never see you again
Think of me in every thing

A friend for the rich rhyme
in the grass fire of summer
A child for the opened rhyme
And remain as you were

Your love in its arms takes you
And your life it holds back
like to the wind a paper hat

And me in my loves I take you
Like a picture you look at
when you are alone in the cafés

Remember, I remember
when you were under the roof of shadow
the opened street of summer

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