Friday, September 6, 2013

Jacques Bertin - At the naked point of the downpour

Original Title: "A la pointe nue de l'averse"

At the naked point of the downpour
There is my love
She is more beautiful than the downpour
And than the water on earth

Comes the wind naked on his horse
And he finds her beautiful
The wind throws her his net
He bends down and talks to her
The wind takes her away in his night
He wants her for his wife
Of all the whiteness of the nights
My love is whiter

The wind lays her in the morning
Between the grey and the grass
Ahead of the morning, standing up,
My love is more beautiful.
More beautiful with grass and water spattered
The night in her gaze

The wind is going away. For my love
The suns are going to fight.

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