Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jacques Bertin - Where you are, you are fine.

Original Title: "Où tu es, tu es bien"
Where you are, you are fine
with your happiness in a sling
On your skin the rain slips
And your sex is drenched
You exhibit your chest
Provocative and frozen
In my memory
you're beautiful like a marble

Henceforth I'm dead
I wander in my maze
On the thread of your voice
You are alone, you scare yourself
The night, you go, obscene
but for noone and noone
knows nor takes you
except me in your thoughts
Violent and vague

The time passing by in the mind
where you run away from me, shoots pain in me
And I made of you the object that thinks
which abolishes itself by giving itself
I was prostituting you as a docile Adonis
Oh immense whore
Lost and proud and tense
Betting your sex and your life

Where you are, are you fine?
with your angst in a sling
On your skin, clothes
dress you but you are cold
You do not dare that laugh anymore
which would destroy your belly like a plaster
You mumble in your palace
in your disaster and
jerk off!

Someone made the misfortune enter the happy house
the silence was made, the wells dried up
At the end of the parc, the house gives way under the brambles
The evening, ghosts stand there
tears too.

Where you are, you are fine
In my head, in my agressivity
On your skin, the rain slips
and flatters you with its hands
You move forward in the night
white like a spasm
In my memory where I keep you
You are fine.

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